GUNCY’S has helped customers lead various projects to success and brought out their works into the world since 2015.
We have focused on project consulting business and contributed to the world by creating movies and CG contents, developing applications and other digital contents, writing in professional journals and hosting seminars. We’ll continue to provide our original “services by Samurai Tacticians” that nobody can mimic.

Project Consulting

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We solve difficulties that many companies face, which inevitably generate when people try to create something new, saying “What shall we start with?” or “We have nobody who is familiar with the technology…” by analyzing projects’ potential challenges, proposing technical solutions that no other companies can easily make, establishing a structure, and also by our high abilities of technology and consulting.

Production Work

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We plan and create movies, CG, graphics and spaces in various media such as films, TVCM, events, permanent contents and games using our creative and technical skills.

Content Development

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We provide one-stop services of original applications, websites, real-time 3DCG contents (WebGL, OpenGL, VR/AR etc.) and work efficiency tools from infrastructure construction to development.
We’ll realize any concepts with zero-base way of thinking using our original 3D engines for webs and other various solutions.


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We hope that we can contribute to the whole industry sharing technical information and others from various phases by giving technical lectures in conferences home and abroad, writing in professional journals, hosting events and others.


Please feel free to contact us for inquiries, job requests and partnership offers etc.