GUNCY’S is now looking for a person who is willing to work with us.

Our Businesses

GUNCY’S Inc. is a technology company with strengths in technical development of 3DCG located in Ebisu, Shibuya in Tokyo. We have dealt with various projects as strategists or Samurai Tacticians who led projects to success by building the optimal team with talented staff home and abroad with the zero-base way of thinking according to customers’ requests to digital contents and creation. We engage in various fields such as 3DCG, Web, graphic designs and IV, developing our unique solutions that no other company can make while receiving lots of request from major clients daily.
From now on, we’ll focus on R&D so that we can enter into global businesses.



Currently, we have established full-remote system for work affected by the Covid-19. As we have many young staff and let them work remotely mainly through Slack, the staff behaves
and voices quite freely. Also, we often deal with the beginning of 3DCG and other digital contents that means we can start with requirement definition and prototyping to create products in an upstream process, which often serves as a motivation to work. We don’t do subcontract-like manual work, but are willing to receive orders that lead to staff’s skill improvement as in our corporate culture where we should always think before clients do. Thankfully, we are, nowadays, able to receive large-scale orders after 5-year performances since its foundation and would like to further strengthen our organization by hiring a person who has experiences in management tasks.


Job Listings

3DCG engineer

Full stack engineer

Technical planner

3D art director

Line producer