Recruitment – Technical planner

Job description

Survey on a proposal, specification examination, requirements definition as well as strategy making for development

  • prototyping and preparing of proposal documents
  • Confirmation and coordination of creation by the use of Unity, Maya/Blender etc.


Skill requirement

  • Experience in content creation by the use of Unity3d (either for work or for pleasure)
    • A person who has experience in built-in of characters, TimeLine control etc.
    • A person who has experience in 3DCG content creation by the use of DCC tools such as Maya and Blender etc.

Personal requirement

  • A person who is willing to learn new technologies on your own initiative
  • A person who doesn’t wait for other persons’ instructions, but always acts voluntarily
  • A person who is willing to express opinions and make propositions

Development environment

Tools for use
  • Unity
  • Maya, Blender
  • Slack, Zoom, Google Spreadsheet etc.

Preferred skills

  • Experience in initiating and managing a project
  • Experience in outsourcing management/progress management


Employment statusRegular
Time of use3 months
Working hours10:00-19:00 (flexible due to the full-remote system)
Breaks60 minutes
Overtime workYes (regarded as having worked for 40 hours due to the discretionary working system)
Days-off, holidaysfive-day workweek system (offs on Saturday, Sunday and national holidays), annual paid leaves & special leaves (5 days)
WageWe’ll decide after considering your past jobs, performances, experiences and hope. * Extra wages for overtime work beyond 40 hours are additionally paid.
Welfare10,000yen for remote work monthly, insurances


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